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Isolate, then desiccate.

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never mind i dont want to do requests enjoy these two horrible portraits of tommy wiseau instead

Watching that Fifty Shades of Grey trailer was a MISTAKE. Now I can’t sleep. I’m supposed to feel tired, not angrier!

The whole trailer just screams ‘Twilight’. That’s all there is to it, just with more raunchy bullshit that probably represents the author’s fantasies.

The only proof I have for me to remember that this happened. Freaking funny stuff. TOo bad the replay didn’t show any of the boxes, just the spies spy-crabbing normally.

Strangely, my replays won’t show any of the mods or changes made on the players. For example, when we were spy-crabbing to the Crab People song, every spy player was wearing box when we used our disguise kit. In the replay, it only showed the spies without the boxes.

I am so sad, I was hoping that moment could be saved in replay ;A;


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So all of sudden Heavy has some sort of tribal tattoo of a bird on his forehead, reaching to the back of the head. What’s going on?



Issue #1: GIRL BIRD discovers where the centipedes are coming from

Please full view!

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Thomas Bavington

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Hans Bellmer Dolls-

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Peter Murphy of Bauhaus, by Anton Corbijn